This store is conveniently located on the Rainier Ave S. Excellent service which is pretty quick and quite efficiently. Price is the most reasonable on. I give a 5 star!!
This place was awesome but...i have to get my phone replaced again, because when they finished replacing my iphone it was suuuuuper dark.
Your a fucking liar and a thief of parts
Alex fixed a problem I couldn't get another phone repair store to touch. The screen on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 broke, stopped working. I had no way to access the data on the phone. Alex used my replacement Note 5 and the broken Note 5 to get all my photos off the phone! And he replaced the shattered back shell on my working Note 5. He completed all this work was for an incredibly reasonable price$$ I highly recommend checking out this style for your cell phone rep repair needs.
Went in with a very broken iPhone 6 with missing glass pieces, left with what seemed like a brand new phone! Fast fix, about 20 minutes while I waited. Super great experience. Oh, and at least $20 less than all 5 of the other places that I called, plus it was the closest to my location. Thank you!!
Alex was awesome! He stayed after they closed to get my phone fixed. He was quick and everything was perfect! Will def come Back if I broke my phone again. Thank you Alex!!
Great customer service. Easy to talk to, fast and efficient. Good people.
Came here with a broken AF iphone 6. My whole screen was cracked, the LCD was coming out of the phone, and the earpiece and selfie camera were non responsive. Alex took care of it all in 20 minutes and gave me the best price I have seen in Seattle. Come here, you will not regret it. Thank you
I took my iPhone 6s in with a cracked screen. The owner of the shop helped me quickly and efficiently. My phone was working perfectly and looked brand new after 15 minutes! He also threw in a complimentary protective screen. Thank you Seattle Wireless!
Took an iPhone 7 screen to repair. Alex is quick in and out 15 mins later. Good price for the repair. Phone is now just like new. Thank you alex
I took my aunt to get her phone fixed today because I shattered it horribly bad on accident, I took it here to Alex finding out about him thru word of mouth & he did an amazing job it was extremely fast & not too expensive definitely worth the money I forsure will be back had a great experience!!
What can I say, guys? I love not having a case on my iPhone, ok! Hence, the biannual broken screen trip. I've tried one other place in Seattle I randomly picked. It was expensive and it took 2 hours to get my screen fixed-not cool for busy people! Why is this place the best? Here it goes in no particular order of importance: 1. Broken screen repaired in 30 minutes. 2. Lowest prices (and I called around!) 3. Amazing customer service. From his flexibility with my changing schedule to his communication, Alex was awesome. Guys, just go here. Don't bother looking around, trust me. My latest broken screen was actually quite bad and now it looks like new. Maybe I should start using my phone case...nah!
This is the second time I've been to Alex and I haven't been disappointed! He's my go to place to repair whenever I've needed it and he's done a great job! Come through if you need a repair!
Just drove past Seattle Wireless a couple weeks ago. Cracked my iPhone screen and remembered this spot. Wow the team there was super attentive and very knowledgeable. I was in and out in 10 mins with a new screen. Also my girlfriend had a cracked Galaxy 6 and they recommended if she had insurance to use that because it was pretty expensive. Appreciate the honesty. Highly recommend.
The cheapest place I know to fix my screen, and I've checked so many places. I get my phone fixed here every time I drop it which has been about 3 times now. I refer my family and friends here and they also believe that Alex's services are quick, easy and cheap!
Fixed with in minutes, customer services skills awesome he welcomed me with open arms . He's the guy to get the job done. I recommend him for anything electronic services ! He's the guy
Quick fix, excellent communication, skills to match the professional experience. Highly recommended!
Great fast service, super responsive, unbelievable job, thanks Alex! Replaced both the battery and the charger on my phone in less than 20 minutes. It was also super cheap and came in under $100.
Good service, pleasant people. My screen was replaced in a matter of less than 15 minutes.
Alex helped me fix my IPad fast and worked with me to make me happy. I would recommend him for iPad and iPhone screen repair!
Both times I came in here Alex was extremely helpful. It's clear that he takes his business seriously, and he knows that customer service is important. I'll be going to him for all my future iPhone-related issues.
I checked all reviews prior to calling Alex and made the decision to check out Seattle Wirelless. Great and professional customer service in short waiting period. Just relaxed on the sofa listening to cool music and voila, my IPhone 6's cracked sceeen was replaced in minutes! Highly recommendable!
Great service, been a customer for year!!! Fix was fast and went over steps to make sure the phones was working just right. If you need to fix your phone, computer, or tablet Alex is your guy!!
I came in to fix a cracked screen and camera. Thinking it would take an hour, Alex fixed both issues in less than 10mins. He was timely, knowledgeable and great. I love supporting local businesses like this. Make you to check out his services on Rainier Ave South!
Did a great job on fixing my iphone screen. It took less than 30 minutes to get it fixed, which was great! I definitely recommend coming to this place for phone repairs!
Fast, friendly and reliable service. Will definitely recommend to family and friends for iPhone repair. I had my 6s Plus repaired. Works like new now
Alex was prompt, quick, and had great customer service! Highly recommend to everyone. Also is cheaper than the other competitors
I cracked my iPhone 7, I looked at some other places around Seattle to get it fixed and they wouldn't take iPhone 7's. This place did though, it worked out well.
Alex is honest and extremely professional. You can find him on CraigsList or just call him at 206.910.8550. Other shops just tried to rip me off, but Alex just told me to buy a new phone and not waste money on repairing my iphone. Several customers came and went as I waited for my repairs and they all left happy. Well done, I recommend this place highly.
Called. Went in. Fifteen minutes later My iPhone had a new charging connector. I saved lots of time AND money avoiding Apple's non-repair policy rip-off. Why drive down to U Village or South Center to the Apple store when this is faster and less expensive??? Alex knows what he's doing. His store is clean, safe and he's a nice guy.
i had my ipad mini repaired. problem was with the LCD had the LCD replaced for less than an hour. fast, easy and the cheapest I can find thank you Seattle Wireless for the repair
Left the iPad with a broken glass screen on Saturday and it was ready on Sunday. Great service and prices!